General guidelines

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Data publishing is the act of making data available on the Internet, so that they can be downloaded, analyzed, re-used and cited by people and organizations other than the creators of the data (Pensoft Data Publishing Guidelines, Penev L et al, 2011).

ARCOS being a member of GBIF since 2009, we adhere to biodiversity data standards set forth by GBIF and indeed the ARBIMS portal uses the GBIF's Integreated Publishing Toolking to publish biodiversity data.

Apart from biodiversity data in its different forms that can be published through this portal, a set of different thematic media libraries have also been set up to help users share other kind of information related to biodiversity and conservation in general. These are the African Mountains and Global Change library, the Albertine Rift Biodiversity and People library, the Albertine Rift Development and EIA library, and finally the Great Lakes Freshwater Ecosystems library.

The ARCOS Biodiversity data policy preconizes that data published on the ARBIMS portal should preferably be released under a public domain licence either a CC0 or CC-BY license. As such, we encourage data holders whose intellectual propoerty  rights go against this policy to only publish metadata and give enough contact information to guide anyone whould need to have access to the actual data.

For documents and other materials shared under the thematic libraries, the library managers ensure that intellectual property rights associated with all materials made available therein are properly followed.

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