ARBMIS Programme

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ARCOS Biodiversity Information Management System provides access to the biodiversity data published through the ARCOS Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT), the spatial data published through the Open Source GoeServer as well as many more resources made available through the 4 thematic media libraries that are included into the system.

ARBIMS is part of the ARCOS Biodiversity Monitoring System (ARBMIS) programme, a programme that was initiated in 2007 with support from the MacArthur Foundation with the objective to develop a harmonized, participatory and cost effective regional biodiversity monitoring framework that generates and provides information that is used by all stakeholders for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Albertine Rift region.

The portal has now grown to incorporate components that go beyond the Albertine Rift region which was the original geographical focus of the programme. These additional components have a mix of different geographical and thematic focus which don't necessarily correspond to the initial focus of the ARBMIS programme and these are namely: the Great Lakes Freshwater Ecosystems component, the African mountains component and the Environmental Assessment component.

The development of the ARBIMS portal was mainly facilitated by the project funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation, a project which aimed at developing a collaborative biodiversity portal for integrated biodiversity information system in the Albertine Rift region through institutional collaboration, capacity building and information dissemination to guide decision-making.

This portal user manual is meant to be a reference guide for any contributor who wishes to share their data or information through the portal or for any other regular user who wishes to get the most of the tools and features available on the portal such as data filtering, visualization and downloading.

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