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One of the problems commonly faced  by developing countries is not lack of information but the mechanisms to access, interpret, analyze, present the existing information in a simple format and use it to guide the decision/policy-makers and the public in general. In this regard, one of ARCOS’ pillars is promoting effective mechanisms for biodiversity information sharing in the Albertine Rift region to guide decision-making. In this framework, ARCOS sought funding from the JRS Biodiversity Foundation to carry out a project which aimed at upgrading ARCOS’ regional web portal and supporting biodiversity data mobilization and digitization throughout the region.

The project also aimed at operationalizing the Albertine Rift Biodiversity Data Sharing Agreement that is in place in the region since 2007 by building capacity of stakeholders, establishing a data sharing platform, mobilizing all existing data in the region, collecting new data where serious gaps are evident and ensuring that effective mechanisms are in place to package biodiversity information in a format that is accessible to decision makers and the public. Under this project, many capacity-building activities took place including 2 trainings where more than 44 practitioners in fields related to biodiversity data management were trained on biodiversity data collection, management and publication as well as other related fields such as GIS and Remote Sensing.

Moreover, partner institutions’ capacity in biodiversity data management was enhanced through direct support in terms of equipment and technical support to improve their data management processes.

Ultimately, the main outcome of this project is the development of the ARBIMS portal and the project currently continues to support efforts to mobilize biodiversity data for the Albertine Rift Region through supporting digitization initiatives and biodiversity surveys projects.

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