Contributing spatial data to ARBIMS Portal

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The webmapping component of the ARBIMS Portal uses the free and open-source GeoServer tool to publish maps and spatial features using different services (Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), etc). Geo-referenced biodiversity occurence data is managed using PostGIS, a PostgreSQL database spatial extension which allows for storing geometries and perform many geoprocessing tasks on these geometries. However, since contextual map layers published on the portal's webmaps are stored as flat shapefiles on the ARBIMS server, the portal relies heavily on the Web Processing Service capability of GeoServer to perform necessary spatial operations available on the webmapping pages.

Should a user need to contribute new contextual layers to the ARBIMS webmaps, the user is required to ask the ARBIMS GeoSever manager to prepare and publish the data they want to contribute.  

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