Preparing spatial layers to contribute to ARBIMS Portal

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ARBIMS webmaps' layers are served from the Shapefiles stored on the Portal's server. Any user wishing to contribute new spatial data to the portal should then work in conjuction with the ARBIMS GeoSever manager to prepare the new data to be added. This process involves:

  1. Ensure the data is in ESRI's Shapefile format
  2. Ensure the data uses the EPSG:4326 Spatial Reference System
  3. Check to see if the features' attributes are accurate and contain a field named "description" (or "Descriptio" since the shapefile format doesn't allow more than 10 characters when naming attribute fields).
  4. Determine the appropriate styling to be used by the new layer and create one if it doesn't already exist on the ARBIMS GeoServer (can save the layer style as SLD in QGIS and load the file in GeoServer)
  5. Upload the shapefile onto the ARBIMS server using an FTP client
  6. Add the new layer to ARBIMS GeoServer and publish it
  7. Synchronize the GeoServer with the portal
  8. Give English and French names to the new layer
  9. Choose the map(s) on which the new layer will be visible.

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